Helping independent practices grow
Provide new treatment options, earning hospital revenues

At zero cost to your practice, we help with:

Care options
Bring new, life-saving treatment options to your patients.
Increase revenue, profit per procedure, and the equity value of your practice
Augment and monetize your data for Real-World Evidence.
How It Works
Nexus connects to your existing system of medical records and matches relevant trials with eligible patients.
Nexus gives you a few trial options per patient that you can discuss with patients during their visit.
Nexus automatically refers interested patients, and the enrollment process is initiated. You get reimbursed for the effort right away for each enrolled person.
The opportunity to enter potentially life-saving trials builds patients' trust and confidence. Patients return for follow-up checkups and treatment.
Nexus x Patienter
We partnered with Patienter to provide instant value for practices. Learn how we can help you expand revenue overnight.
Partner with us
Nexus is on a mission to empower physicians
Only 2% of physicians participate in clinical trials. We:
  • Believe every physician can contribute to research;
  • See that the physician experience has been massively overlooked;
  • Build tools and services to enable physicians to overcome the existing barriers to entering research;
  • Aim to increase by 10x the number of physician-investigators;
  • Expand patient access by the same factor.
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