Accelerate clinical trials

Nexus identifies and refers eligible patients, from a network of small physician practices. We also engage with sites to bring patients through the entire recruitment process.

We understand it’s difficult to find the right patients for your trial. All the studies compete for the same patients in the same places. Complex inclusion, exclusion, and diversity criteria. A tight enrollment timeline. A challenging indication. Not to mention a set budget and milestones to deliver on.
We surpass the ordinary recruitment strategies, launching grassroots outreach for your clinical trials. We are particularly focused on underserved communities, providing access to clinical trials for the previously locked patient pool.
How it works
We identify relevant and local physicians in our practices network
In collaboration with physicians, we confirm patients eligibility
Physicians discuss the trial with selected patients
Proactive site follow-up to support randomizing patients
Well-qualified patients
Nexus refers only relevant patients based on their medical records and physician assessment
Faster enrolment
Nexus sources patients from underserved communities unlocking previously untapped patient pool
Diverse patients
More diverse patient pool consistent with the target disease population and eligibility criteria
Result oriented
You don't need more "leads" referred to your sites. Nexus' success is defined by the patients enrolled and finished the trials
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